Our machine shop is where the magic happens. It's a place to create and customize, while doing preventative maintenance for clients.


At Roberts Industrial & Commercial Services, Inc., our machine shop is at the heart of our commitment to excellence. We are dedicated to delivering precision engineering and fabrication services that cater to the unique needs of industrial and commercial clients. With a focus on quality, accuracy, and efficiency, we have earned a reputation as a trusted partner for custom machining and manufacturing solutions.


    • Lathe
      • Turning

      • Shaft or bolt threading

    • Abrasive

      • Honing

    • Jigs and fixtures design and machining

    • Plasma table cutting

      • Up to 5×10 sheets

      • Up to 1/2” thick plate

      • Able to cut any DFX files that fit those parameters

    • Drive lines

    • PTO Shafts

    • Drive Shafts

    • Flywheel Resurfacing

    • Custom U-Bolts

Our Commitment to Quality

At Roberts Industrial & Commercial Services, Inc., we see our machine shop as a vital part of our mission to empower businesses with top-quality, custom-engineered components. We are dedicated to delivering reliable, accurate, and cost-effective machining and fabrication solutions that help your operations run smoothly and efficiently.


​Josh is from Greers Ferry, AR and has been in the machining industry for 15 years. His favorite part of machining is making or creating parts, but he also enjoys figuring out machining solutions to solve problems for customers. Josh joined the Roberts Industrial family in 2021 and looks forward to adding his expertise in machining to the fabrication services offered by our welding division to better serve the River Valley. He’s also excited to build up our machine shop and add machines with more capabilities to meet the needs of the industry in our area. Some of Josh’s favorite projects include making parts for customers and using the plasma cutter. (Check out some of his plasma cutter work in the comments!) This machine allows Josh to cut basic jobs as well as creative designs out of metal. The machine shop ran by Josh Schwab has been an excellent addition to Roberts Industrial and Commercial Services – thanks for joining our team and going above and beyond!